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1.5 inch Radius Notcher Cutters
.5 inch Radius Notcher Cutters
.5 inch Radius Notcher Cutters (recycled/nail cutting)
Cant Sizer/Planer Heads
Chamfer Cutters
Pallet Disassembly Blades
Saw Blades
Features indexable 4-sided carbide inserts which:
reduce downtime because only inserts need to
be serviced, not cutter body.
provide 4 cutting surfaces.
are fully ground and have radiused corners for
strength against chipping.
are fully resharpenable to reduce
replacement costs.
Replaces outside saw on gang-rip and linebar resaws to:
eliminate extra handling of offal strips.
turn strips into chips.
eliminate bent or broken saws.
eliminate clogging of exhaust systems.
Magnetic Setting Fixture ensures uniform
placement/side clearance of inserts.
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